There’s no campfire, but we’ll share our story!

A little about us.

Established 2009,
Skyline Sign was the brainchild of one unconventional thinker, but has employed many. We are not shy of doing things differently and like to think our personal approach to how we work is why you will enjoy working with us. Oh, it might also be because of the excellent results we deliver for our clients.
Our passions revolve around two things: first is great design and second is great manufacturing. We enjoy nothing more than marrying the two together to create something that is both beautiful to use, but also functionally excellent for business’s across Horry County.   Hard working, decisive, open to ideas, and appreciate the value of creativity & design. If this is how you approach your work then we may just be the perfect match for each other. We love what we do, which is why we like to work with businesses that share our ideas and understand that to get the best results for YOU, we need a great working relationship… and above all else, let’s enjoy the whole process!   If there is one thing all our clients know is our ability to understand exactly what you want and translate it into an effective outcome, whether it be as complex as a lighted channel letters or as simple as an vehicle graphic.


    Amanda, Here’s a company who does a bunch of work for me.  The price is very competitive compared to the other quote on the 10 signs. I think he’s given Lisa some prices on some vehicle wraps and logos for HTC.  I know he’s done quite a few wraps for TW and some ambulance services groups. They turn out some good looking stuff.
    Our Vehicle Wrap is the hottest thing on the road. Thank you guys so much, it turned out great. Skyline Sign is 5 Star!
    "Skyline Sign is quick and professional! I HIGHLY recommend!"
    "Thanks for being on time, and easy to work with. Signs over at Coastal Carolina look great. "

    A Message From the Owner

    • Mary A. Bertram
      Mary A. BertramAccounts Receivable Clerk

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    • Frank K. Burgess
      Frank K. BurgessAccounts Payable Clerk

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