Having a complete and comprehensive site & sign survey is a crucial step in ensuring that your next sign project is a success.  Skyline Sign survey process will ensure accurate and detailed information so that we can gather the necessary information for new signage, re-branding of existing signage, or maintenance.  Our comprehensive survey form covers content such as elevation measurements, exterior and interior installation method, recommendation and local code requirements.    


Sign codes and ordinances  are an essential part of getting your next sign legally installed.  Almost all jurisdictions and cities have their own sign code and becoming well versed with each jurisdiction’s code can be difficult and time consuming if you don’t have experience.  That’s why you can trust the project management staff at Skyline Sign to acquire your next sign permit. We work with Horry County, City of North Myrtle Beach, City of Myrtle Beach, City of Surfside, City of Conway, Georgetown County Code Enforcement and Zoning on a daily basis.   Because of our experience across many states, cities, and townships we’ve become experts in translating sign codes.


Skyline Sign understands the importance of manufacturing a quality sign that is guaranteed to stand the crucial outdoor test that mother nature gives us.  We also understand the importance of finding an affordable sign that fits your budget.  Our team examines every element possible when determining your sign creation and budget. We then consult with you with a detailed plan  that has many options so you and your company can choose the correct route that is Taylor made for you.


Having a CEO that has a foregoing background of Graphic Design and Branding experience definitely raises the bar for our in house designers to produce the best looking signs on the grandstand.  Not only do we have great designers but their also pretty smart. In every proof or rendering we incorporate in depth material analysis, steps of manufacturing, and accurate renderings for real life visuals.



Permitting is the true “wild card” in any program. Again, our familiarity with most municipalities helps us minimize this seemingly uncontrollable factor. We have a good feel for which areas require more time for permitting, and we build this into our program management process and timeline. This sometimes requires starting a site earlier than usual. We feel it is better to plan in advance, start earlier, and finish on-time.


Engineering is the final step taken before the sign fabrication. Every variable plays an important part when constructing a store front set of channel letters or a extremely large monument sign. We examine every aspect from wind load speeds down to the soil conditions. With this careful preparation we provide a better quality product with faster turnaround time.


Skyline Sign can manufacture nearly any sign known to mankind.  Channel Letters, Monument Signs; Reverse Lit Signs, Neon Signs, Light Boxes, Vinyl Signs, Sandblasted Signs, Real Estate Signage, ADA Signage, Digital Signs, Gas Price Signs, Temporary Signage, Banners, Vinyl Lettering, Architectural Signs. No material or lighted sign source is foreign to us. Every sign is custom design and built.  If you can imagine it; we can build it.


Skyline Sign has the capabilities to install any job of any size, whether it is our own crew or a trusted experienced partner. From a single box sign to a big box retailer, we can install it seamlessly.


In addition to our installers, we dispatch our project managers out into the field to manage and observe their custom project. We require a field management audit that helps give back feedback to our team of designers, fabricators, painters, and installers to keep a consistent quality product and may even improve on a few things. (If Possible) *Were just kidding.


Our business is to help your business get seen. In result of that we also get great advertisement by the products we create, to ensure 100% client satisfaction, we work with our clients to develop a punch list prior to close out. Our goal is always to have the shortest list possible, but our main goal is make sure every hole is punched to ensure a great working relationship with our customers and to create many more for both parties.


Down to the fun stuff.

We realize that no one likes paperwork, but here at Skyline Sign we strive to make this process as fast and easy as possible. We provide closeout documentation, copies of permits, approvals, along with remaining billing information for the project.



Add life to your sign by keeping it looking good. We offer sign services such as lamp repair, ballasts removal and replace, neon sign repair, sign refurbish, sign painting, sign foundation correction, sign reface and many others.